Guide for Appraisers






How to change your profile: 3

How to update your password: 4

How to update your license and/or E&O Insurance: 5

How to accept an order: 7

How to update the status of an order: 8

How to send a message through the system: 9

How to complete an order: 10



How to change your profile:

1. After logging in, you should be on the Dashboard tab, and at the right top corner, there will be a link called “My Profile”, click the link, it will lead you to the page that you can update your profile:


2. On the “Edit My Profile” screen, click the “Edit User Data” link, you can update you “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Work Phone”, etc.  After enter your information, remember to click the button “Save Profile”


How to update your password:

1. On the “Edit My Profile” Screen, at the bottom, you will see the password section, you need to enter the new password, and verify it by entering it again. Then click “Change Password” button


How to update your license and/or E&O Insurance:

1. After you click “My Profile”,  on the “Edit My Profile” screen, there are links like “Edit Appraiser License”, “Edit Appraiser Coverage”, “Edit Appraiser Insurance”, “Edit Appraiser Miscellaneous Settings”, click the link to change the related information;


a. After you click “Edit Appraiser License”, you should be on the edit appraiser license screen, enter the correct information, and upload a copy of your license, then click “Add license”. You can add several licenses;


b. After you click “Edit Appraiser Insurance”, you should be on the edit appraiser E&O screen, enter the correct information and upload a copy of your insurance, then click “Add Insurance”. You can add several insurance certificates;


How to accept an order:

1. Every time when you log in, you should be on the “Dashboard” tab,  you can easily access a new order by click the link “view details” under New Orders section;


2. On the “View Order” screen, you will have 3 options, for a new order that is assigned to you;


a. By clicking the “Accept” link, you accept the order and associated schedule and fee; You have an option to provide notes for your choice;

b. By clicking “Decline” link, you’re declining the assignment, you will need to provide a reason;

c. By clicking “Conditional Accept”, after reviewing the order you determine you can accept the order based on conditions, there are three options, “Conditionally accepted by revised fee”, “Conditionally accepted by revised due date”, or “Conditionally accepted by revised fee and due date”; after you choose the option, enter the updated due date and/or fee, click submit, the new condition will be sent to manager through the system; You have an option to provide notes for your choice;


How to update the status of an order:

1. You can always find the order under “Open Appraisals” tab or “Completed Appraisals” tab,  you can easily click the link ‘Status Updates’;


2. On the “Status Updates” screen, you will need to select what status you want to send for this order through the “Update Order Status”, such as “Appointment Scheduled”, “Report Complete”, etc. Based on the option you choose, you may need to leave a reason, choose the time, or upload a file, remember to click the button “Update This Order’s Status” to finish the action,


How to send a message through the system:

1. On the “Status Updates” screen, if this function is enabled you can select “Send Message to Lender”, “Send Message to Manager”, based on the option you selected, you may need to leave a note or upload a file, remember click button “Submit” or “Update This Order’s Status”  to finish the action


How to complete an order:

1. To complete an order, on the “Status Updates” screen, select “Report Complete” from the drop down, and there will be a pop box show up, you can leave a note, and upload the report. With our system, you only need to upload one file. If the file is an xml, just upload the xml and not the pdf. We will create a pdf file based on the xml you upload.

2. If enabled, we have a quality engine will check the report against a specific policy,

a. If the quality engine is not enabled, the report will simply go through the system and be sent to the manager to review;

b. If the quality engine is enabled, it will check the report. If there are no issues, after you submit the report, it will go through the system and be delivered to the manager. If there are issues with the report, the system will display the result to you, there are 3 different results;

i. If the report pass the Quality Check with no warnings and no errors, the report will just go to the manager, nothing will show up on your screen;

ii. If the report has some issues during the Quality Check, if there are errors in the report, system will display a content table including all the checks for this report and their status, “Pass”, “Warning”, “Error”. If there is an error, system will not allow you to upload the report and it will show you what caused the error, and how to fix it. You can click the button on the bottom “Click to Download” to download the results for reference;


iii. If the report has no errors, but has warnings, the system will provide two options, submit the report with warnings, or download the results and fix the warnings. If you choose the second option, the report will not go through the system and you must fix the issues and re-upload the report.